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Send Better Newsletters With Email Marketing Tools

If you have a mailing list of prospective clients, or if want to create one.

The tools of this chapters can help you to get in touch via email with all the people that are interested in you and in what you do.

Send them an effective newsletter to stay on top of mind or to sell your latest product or service.

Here below the best tools for the job.


Service: Newsletter

Send newsletters to your subscribers. Free up to 2000 email subscribers and 10.000 sent emails/month, automations included.

Visit Mailchimp


Service: Newsletter

Similar to Mailchimp, the free plan is limited to 1.000 subscribers, 12’000 emails/mese, free automations and free landing pages creation.

Visit Mailerlite


Service: Ecommerce Newsletter

You can have all the subscribers you want with Omnisend's free plan and you can send up to 15.000 emails/mo (2.000/day) and create 3 landing pages.

Visit Omnisend


Service: Newsletter

You can have all the subscribers you want with Sendinblue's free plan and you can send up to 9.000 emails/mo

Visit Sendinblue


Service: Newsletter

Also Mailjet's free plan doesn't have a limit on the number of subscribers. You can send up to 6.000 emails/month.

Visit Mailjet


Service: Newsletter

Sender lets you send 15.000 emails/mo for free. The free plan includes 2.500 subscribers and push notifications.

Visit Sender

Mail Tester

Service:  Spam Checker

Great small tool to understand if your email will land in the spam folder. It offers useful tips to optimize your email before sending it to your subscribers.

Visit Mail Tester

Which Gmail Tab

Service: Gmail Checker

Useful to understand if your email will land in the primary inbox of Gmail, or in the secondary ones, that are usually less visible.

Visit Which Gmail Tab


Get Free Traffic From Google Thanks To These Free SEO Tools

Optimizing your website for search engines like Google or Bing you can get targeted visits based on users  searches online.

These tools and resources for SEO can help your strategy to target the right keywords and get backlinks that matter for your business

Google Keyword Planner

Service: Keyword research

It's Google Ads' keyword research tool. Use it to generate new keywords starting from a seed keyword or from any URL (hint: try the website of your competitors).

Visit Google Keyword Planner

Ahrefs Keyword Generator

Service: Keyword research

Write any keyword, Ahrefs gives back 100 related terms with their estimated traffic and Keyword Difficulty.

It's not just for Google: you can also search keywords for Bing, Youtube, andAmazon.

Visit Ahrefs Keyword Generator

Google Trends

Service: Keywords analysis

It shows the popularity of a search term over time. Use it to understand which terms are declining in interest and that you should avoid as a consequence.

Visit Google Trends

Exploding Topics

Service: Keywords analysis

It lets you understand which trends are trending in your sector. Useful to have a birds eye view on your market and to jump on new trends before your competitors discover them.

Visit Exploding Topics


Service: Keyword research, competition analysis

This free tool by Nel Patel allows you to search for new keywords and analyze your competitors to understand their keywords and most visited pages.

Visit Ubersuggest

SEO Quake

Service: Keyword analysis

This extension for Chrome and other browsers gives you more insights on Google search results... from within the page of search results. Useful to test search results in other languages and from other locations.

Visit SEO Quake


Service: SERP optimization

This website helps you optimize title and meta description of your  pages so they don't go over the max text space available in Google. Easy and useful!

Visit SERPsim


Service: Email finder

If you want to contact bloggers, influencers or website owners to get backlinks, Hunter helps you by finding their email address. The free plan includes 50 free searches/month.

Visit Hunter

Google Analytics

Service: Website analysis

Analytics is one of the best tools to understand where your website visitors are coming from, which pages they visit and where they convert.

Visit Google Analytics

Google Search Console

Service: Keyword research, seo optimization

It offers what Analytics removed years ago: the possibility to see which keywords are bringing traffic to your website.

Visit Google Search Console

Google My Business

Service: Local seo

If you have a local business, you can get more traffic with Google Maps. Google My Business lets you optimize your Maps profile to get more clicks for local researches from people in your area.

Visita Google My Business

Google Alert

Service: Branding

Get notified every time somebody mentions your business online, contact them if they are not linking to you and ask for a link back.

Visit Google Alert


Service: Competitors research

With Similarweb you can understand what's working fot your competitors. How much traffic are they getting? WHat are their top traffic sources? And much more.

Visit Similarweb

Woorank SEO

Service: On-page optimization

This free Chrome plugin analyze your webpage and gives advices to optimize your on-page SEO.

Visit Woorank SEO

Animalz Revive

Service: Content optimization for SEO

This tool analyzes your Analytics data and suggest which content you should optimize or rewrite since it's losing organic traffic.

Visit Animalz Revive

Can I Rank?

Service: Keyword research

Can I Rank uses AI to suggest for which keywords you ahve the biggest chances to rank well in Google.

Visit Can I Rank


Service: On-page optimization

BrowSEO is a website that can show you how Google "sees" your website. Useful to understand if the on-page SEO of your pages has been done right.

Visit BrowSEO

Mobile-Friendly Test

Service: Webpage optimization

This tool from Google lets you understa if your page is mobile ready, and gives you advices to optimize your page.

Visit Mobile-Friendly Test


Service: Local SEO

SERPerator allows you to see how Google results change based the device that is used, or on the location of the user.

Visit SERPerator

Bing Webmaster Tool

Service: SEO Optimization

Becase BING is not Google, but it can send you traffic as well. Understand how you are ranking on Bing.

Visit Bing Webmaster Tool


Get More Qualified Traffic With Content Marketing

Website traffic of companies investing in content marketing grows 7.8 times faster than companies that don't publish on their blog.

Use these tools for digital content to plan your content strategy and generate content ideas that your readers will love.

Make My Persona

Service: Content Planning

Before you start writing your content, you need to understand who your target reader is. With this Hubspot tool you can easily create an useful persona.

Visit Make My Persona

Answer the public

Service: Content Ideation

Write a seed keyword and Answer The Public will show you a list of questions and sentences related to your keyword. Great to understand what your readers are asking.

Visit Answer the public


Service: Editorial calendar

A virtual space to track your content marketing efforts. For example, you can create three columns ("ideas", "working on", "published") and move your content based on their publishing status.

Visit Trello


Service: Editorial calendar

My favourite tool to create a detailed content marketing plan and to share it with your coworkers and partners. Great to have a bird's eye view of your content  plan.

Visit Asana


Service: Content ideation, influencer research

It's not free but it offers a 30 days totally trial. You can search for the most shared content in your niche or to get a list of the influencers in your sector. A must have tool.

Visit Buzzsumo

Google Docs

Service: Content writing

Google Docs saves everything you write on the cloud, so you won't lose a word you write.

You can also share your files with your coworkers and get instant feedback (without sending lots of emails).

Visit Google Docs


Service: Social media posting

Schedule your social media posts. The free version lets you connect 3 social channels and schedule 30 posts.

Visit PostPickr


Service: Social media posting

There are several tools like this, but I like Buffer because it's very easy to use. The free version lets you schedule 10 posts.

Visit Buffer


Service: Instagram posting

Visually plan your social posts, publish automatically, and get tailored insights to help you reach more people

Visit Later


Service: Social media posting

A social media scheduling tool optimized for Instagram e Pinterest. It finds your best times to post and recommends hashtags as well.

Visit Tailwind


Service: Social media posting

Planoly is optimized for Instagram e Pinterest, and it includes several templates to create impactful stories.

Visit Planoly


Service: Video creation

Start from a template or from an empty project and add all the elements you need - text, image, background videos - to create professional videos, fast.

The free account lets you create a 3-minute video you can export in HD quality.

Visit Powtoon


Service: Twitter influencer research

Write a keyword and Followerwonk will show you a list of the top Twitter influencers for that specific topic.

Visit Followerwonk


Service:  Youtube Analysis

Useful to understand how your competitors are performing on YouTube. You can see their stats over time and how many new subscribers they generate every month.

Visit Socialblade


Service: Social live videos

It helps you to create live videos on multiple social media channels at the same time.

Visit StreamYard

Twitter Profile Metrics

Service: Twitter Analysis

A Chrome extension that helps you get useful stats from every Twitter profiles, like number of tweets sent per day, average engagement etc. Useful to analyze your competitors.

Install Twitter Profile Metrics


Create And Optimize Your Website to Sell Online

To sell your products (or to promote your services) you need a professional website.

These services and plugins can help you to have a faster and more reliable website, and to optimize it to maximize your sales and enquiries.


Service: Website creation

With more than 100 million users, Wix is one of the most famous website builders in the world. Easy to use, but the free version comes with advertisement on your website.

Visit Wix


Service: Website creation

Contrary to Wix, the only advertisment on your Weebly free website is a small banner at the bottom of every page. Quite flexible and easy to use.

Visit Weebly


Service: Website creation

With Webflow you can create a highly customizable website without the need of writing a single line of code. The free version includes 500 visits/month.

Visit Webflow

Service: Website creation

You can get a .zip file from to install on your hosting. Wordpress is free, but you'll have to pay for hosting and domain name.


Service: Website creation

A website builder like Wix, but based on Wordpress. Great to test Wordpress without invest any money.



Service: Ecommerce

A free Wordpress plugin to sell products or services from your Wordpress website.

Visit Woocommerce

WP Super Cache

Service: Website speed plugin

This plugin helps your website to be faster by creating static versions of every page of your site.

Visit WP Super Cache

Google PageSpeed Insights

Service: Website speed test

Write any url of any website and you'll get useful data to make that page faster. Useful to understand if plugins like WP Super Cache are working.

Visit Google PageSpeed


Service: Website speed test

Similar to Google PageSpeed, you can test the loading times of any website.

Visit GTmetrix


Service: Website security

Protect your website from hacker attacks and unwanted connections.

Visit Cloudflare


Service: Image compression plugin

A Wordpress plugin to compress and optimize your images for the web, resulting on a faster webpage load.

Visit Smush


Service: Social share plugin

You can use Addthis on any website (not just Wordpress) to add  social share buttos to any page of your website.

Visit Addthis


Service: On page SEO

Wordpress plugin to optimize, along other things, the title and description of your page that will appear on Google search results.

Visit Yoast

Batch Speed

Service: SEO page optimization

Test the performance of several webpages in one search and identify potential problems.

Visit Batch Speed


Service: User Experience

Discover what users are doing on your website thanks to heatmaps and activity recordings.

Visit Hotjar


Create professional custom images and digital banners

To make your content or social share more appealing to your followers, you need great looking images.

Luckily, you don't need to be a skilled designer for these tasks. If you are a bit creative, you can create great images with the tools of this chapter.


Service: Create/edit images online

If you are looking for a free alternative online to Photoshop, try Pixlr R or Pixlr X (the former easier to use and simpler than the latter)

Visit Pixlr


Service: Create images online

With Canva you can create professional looking presentations, advertisement, social media images and more - easily and quickly.

Visit Canva


Service: Image capture

Use it to take screenshots and add more elements - like arrows or comments - to them.

Visit Skitch

GIF Maker

Service: Gif creation

Easily create a gif using a video or images available on your computer.

Visit GIF Maker


Service: Social media images creation

Create and resize images for every social. Upload your starting image and Landscape will help you to cut it and export it the right way.

Visit Landscape


Service: Social media image creation

Pablo has a database of 600.000 images that you can use to mix images with quotes or stats that you can later upload on your favourite social.

Visit Pablo


Service: Social media image creation

Create personalized images and save them in the right format for your favourite social media channel.

Visit Snappa


Service: Social media image creation

You can create images for social fast. Search for "your keyword + free" to find free templates.

Visit Over

Remove Bg

Service: Background removal

A free website to remove background images. Useful if you don't have too much time to lose with Photoshop. It doesn't work 100% of the times but it's worth trying it.

Visit Remove Bg


Service: Icons download

More than 4 million icons to download in png or svg formats. You can filter to see just free icons.

Visit Iconfinder

The Noun Project

Service: Icons download

More than 2 million minimalist icons ready to be used for your next project.

Visit The Noun Project

Flat Icon

Service: Icons download

3 million icons ready to be download in vector format.

Great for any project.

Visit Flat Icon


Service: Stock images download

My favourite website to download free stock pictures (that don't look like stock pictures).

Visit Unsplash


Service: Stock images and videos download

An alternative to Unsplash. On top of images, you can find free stock videos as well.

Visit Pexels

The Pattern Library

Service: pattern download

If you are looking for free patterns, this website has thousands of them.

Visit The Pattern Library


Service: stock video and audio download

Free stock videos, music and effects ready to be used on your next Youtube video.

Visit Mixkit

The stocks

Service: Stock images and videos download

A collection of free stock websites.

Visit The Stocks

Service: Image compression

Use the web interface to upload your starting image. Kraken will compress it so that it will be visually the same, but faster to download.


Adparlor Mockup

Service: Ads optimization

Upload your ad image to see in advance how it will appear on social (before you actually run an ad campaign). Useful to create screenshots to share with clients and coworkers.

Visit Adparlor Mockup


Work online better with these tools

There are several tools that let you send files, document or simply work smoothly with your team remotely.

If you always work remotely or if you just want to work better online, check these tools out.


Service:  File send

The most known website to send big files (up to 2 GB). Files are available to download for 7 days.

Visit Wetransfer


Service: File send

An alternative to Wetransfer to send files online. There's no maximum file size and your files are available for download for 14 days.

Visit Smash


Service: Video calls

A video calling service that you can use directly from your browser, without the need of apps to download.

Visit Whereby


Service: Passwords management

Save your passwords securely in the cloud with Bitwarden and access them from any device you own.

Visit Bitwarden


Service: Instant messaging

The most know app to chat in real time with your colleague. A free version is available with a limit on the number of messages stores in the account.

Visit Slack


Service: Instant messaging

An alternative to Slack. Flock is slightly less customizable than Slack, but it feels faster and easier to use.

Visit Flock


Service: List creation

Useful app to take note of everything you need to do in your day. Allocate your notes to projects and assign priority to the most important ones.

Visit Todoist


Service: Writing correctly in English

Grammarly corrects your grammatical errors and suggest changes to your tone of writing. Great to make sure you are communicating in the right way.

Visit Grammarly


Service: Video share

Create and share video grabs from your desktop. Useful to show how to do something from a computer.

Visit Loom


Get Better With Digital Marketing With These Free Courses

The best digital marketing tools are useless if we don't know how to take advantage of them.

On top of that, digital marketing is always evolving!

The solution is to follow some great free courses to learn what's working right now in the world of digital marketing.

Google Digital Garage

Service: Digital marketing courses

A series of free digital marketing courses from Google. The Fundamentals of Digital Marketing includes a certification on completion.

Visit Google Atelier Digital

Facebook Blueprint

Service: Facebook ads courses

Free courses by Facebook to understand how you can promote your content, products and services on Facebook and Instagram.

Visita Facebook Blueprint

Future Learn

Service: Digital Marketing courses

Develop your marketing skills with these online digital marketing courses that cover topics like analytics, customer behaviour and branding.

Visit Future Learn


Service: Digital marketing courses

Coursera offers free and paid digital marketing courses of all levels. The free courses are available at the link here below.

Visit Coursera Free Marketing Courses

Hubspot Academy

Service: Digital Marketing courses

Hubspot Academy gathers several free marketing courses on several topics like seo, content, social media marketing. Complete them to get a certification.

Visit Hubspot Academy

Internet Marketing
for Smart People

Service: Digital business course

A systematic, simple way to understand and implement effective online marketing. Created by Copyblogger.

Visit Internet Marketing for Smart People

Edx marketing courses

Service: Marketing courses

Take free online marketing courses and tutorials from top universities and institutions like Columbia, Berkeley, and UBC.

Visita Edx


The top free digital marketing tools and resources

I hope you liked this collection of my top free digital marketing tools that can help you to promote your business online.

Is there any specific resource that you liked and that you'll use?

Or maybe you'd like to suggest some tool that I didn't include in this list?

Drop me an email and let me know!


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